About Us

Vipas Group is the innovative IT consulting and services provider for municipal and private organizations' projects.
Vipas Group has been established in 1993 and works in areas of technology development, programming, engineering and manufacturing. Our company is specialized in creating, developing and manufacturing remote energy meter reading devices, intelligent street lighting management and power grid management solutions. Due to the highly qualified engineers and modern infrastructure, VIPAS can offer high-quality products at affordable prices for our clients in the global market.

Company goals

The company is operating in Romania and other countries from Europe, America and Africa, as well as interested to expand the cooperation with international clients and partners. VIPAS deals with the current technology development and supports new technology creation and production. At the moment, the company is improving the R&D department and engineering process, which will allow us to increase the production capacity and accelerate customer projects and services.

Think Green

Nowadays, the main objectives of the companies are to maximize efficiency and increase productivity, but a new challenge has recently become fundamental: how to achieve efficiency and productivity with sustainable and clean technologies. VIPAS is a green-minded company that helps customers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The company participates to the environment protection and the rational use of resources events and one of our main goal is to promote sustainable development of environment.

Integrated quality system

In our quest to properly manage and deliver all our projects, we created a powerful internal quality system by a particular integration of four relevant systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS ISO 18001, ISO 27001.



GPS tracking and Fleet management systems

FleetBox is an essential fleet management solution for companies that provides real-time information about the location of the vehicles and helps to improve driving behavior and fleet maintenance costs, save on fuel and can be customized to suit your exact business needs.


Power grid management solutions

Remote energy, gas and water meter reading and client management software.


Intelligent street lighting management 

Citylight is a modern street lighting control and management system which allows to save money and take care of the environment. It provides lower energy cost up to 50% savings, lower maintenance cost, streetlighting uptime 99% and optimized infrastructure and reduce CO2 emissions.


Parking spaces management

ParkBox is a fully Integrated Parking Management System (IPMS) and provide a set of tools for parking management, cashless fee collection (online Application, SMS Gateway, mobile phone payments) or automated ticket vending machines, improving the quality of service to the drivers and increasing the efficiency of the parking facility operation.


Fleet monitoring

GPS tracking and Fleet management and monitoring system, FleetBox is a powerful tool for efficient operation and thorough control developed for types of companies and has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven system on the market.

Advanced Telematics 

Remote Asset Management - VIPAS provides out of the box software and hardware with a high level of flexibility and control to manage vehicles and equipment situated in remote areas difficult to reach, inspect and configure.

Municipality Services

Our company is specialized in creating, developing and manufacturing remote energy, gas and water meter reading devices, intelligent street lighting management and power grid management solutions.

Special Projects

iOT, BI, Working on...